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SAFE - MicroSD card locker

SAFE - MicroSD card locker


SAFE - Micro SD card locker

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The MicroSD Card locker



Protect the content on your microSD cards with the SAFE.

MicroSD cards are a cost-effective way to make God’s Word accessible. They are lightweight and easily concealed for ministries working in creative access locations. However, most microSD cards distributed by ministries are wiped and reused. If your ministry is using microSD cards to spread the gospel, MegaVoice can help ensure your message stays SAFE!

With the SAFE, you can temporarily or permanently lock microSD cards so you know they won’t be wiped and repurposed. While locked, content can still be read but new content cannot be added.



  • Dual microSD card readers
  • Works with most SD 2.0+ compliant cards
  • Four functions:
  • Display current lock status
  • Temporary lock (reversible)
  • Unlock (Temporary Lock)
  • Permanent lock (irreversible)
  • Audible/visual function feedback
  • On/Off LED
  • Rechargeable internal Li-Ion battery
  • Optional (additional) AA batteries for extended use time
  • Lightweight
  • Opening for lanyard
  • Accessory pouch



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